Epic Wedding Design Advice – A Lesson in Matching & Colour Palettes from a Calgary Wedding Planner

All too often I will sit down with my fabulous clients over a design consult and listen to my dear brides toil about the colour choices they’ve set in stone for their wedding.

For example, “Our colours are purple and white”  … A classic bi-colour scheme design which most brides feel is the right place to start…

Well, I’m here to explain that choosing your wedding colours is not at all like buying your first house. It only requires a shift in mindset from the classic bi-colour dilemma, and I can assure you that your wedding design decisions will be much easier to make with the following tidbit of advice!

When it comes to the colours of your wedding – Be inspired by a whole colour palette, instead of limiting yourself to only two colours.

Yes, you will likely have one or two dominant colours, but designing a great wedding will bring in many elements of colour, and will let all these colours interact, and play on each other to highlight in ways that the colour could not on its own.

For example, this bride is doing a fabulous job of playing with colour. White bridesmaid bouquets with fun orange pumps and navy dresses, which are pulled together in the bride’s fun orange bouquet! Why not colour outside the lines…

mismatched bridal bouquets wedding modern ideas

Photo via Style Me Pretty

It’s not a matter of MATCHING that exact shade of lavender to dresses, table linens, and stationary… This will only increase your stress levels. Instead, play with it! Use shades of that colour you love, accent colours and highlights to increase the dimension and make the overall look much more interesting than just two colours.

For some colour palette inspiration, check out The Perfect Palette - A great blog dedicated to the art of creating perfect and pretty palettes.

Hope this helps! Have a lovely day,

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